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Our organization is involved in numerous projects for water awareness, protection and zero waste lifestyle.

After participating at over a thousand of clean-ups all over the world we came to the conclusion that there must be a better solution. If 8 billion people generate garbage and only 2 billion clean-up it means that the garbage from 6 billion people eventually ends up in the water. The solution we found was the zero waste lifestyle which aims to reduce waste by 100% by a more aware way of living and consuming.


The educational concept are especially designed for the specific group of people we are addressing. We take into consideration their age, location, access to water and level of awareness. 

So they might meet the water with 3D technologies or even have a snorkeling session near a coral reef. For this they must participate to a clean-up and engage in protecting water by adopting a zero waste lifestyle.

environment protection

Experience has shown us that only when you start cleaning a piece of land or water you realise how much garbage surrounds us everywhere. When unaware of the garbage problem, people do some of the most important or fun activities with garbage around them. They relax and bathe in the sun with garbage under their feet, they eat or have a beer with garbage by their side, they do sports in parks with thousands of plastic bottles dumped on the fresh green grass. And they don’t see it! We are SO used to having garbage around us!

Participating to clean ups forces us to look for the garbage and that is when we really start to see it.


The really amazing thing about water is that it can not only sustain but also end life. 64% of the people are afraid of swimming in deep Open Water. After practicing the underwater sports like snorkeling, free-diving and scuba diving we discovered the natural ability to float and stay safe in water. Since then we have explored seas and oceans all over the word, discovering an amazing marine world. 

Based on our 10+ years of experience and great empathy with people who have not overcome their fear of water we help children and adults learn how to stay safe in water.

Lobby and leadership

We believe in the power of unity, therefore our efforts to spread awareness about the dangers that water is facing and all the ways to protect it aim any living individual. The government’s officials have the power to lead people on the path of water protection. In the same way, any individual, like any drop, can be an immense force when the forced are joined for the same goal. 

We encourage everyone to give more time and attention to water and its power and also to protect it by adopting a zero waste lifestyle.

SPORTS and leisure

The love for water was born after we have discovered the amazing marine life. The underwater sports are part of our everyday life. Practicing snorkeling, free-diving and scuba diving have many benefits on the body and mind. They are suitable for people of any age and the level of skills needed is very low.

The underwater sports encourage to shift the perspective, loose the ego mind and be surprised from the first moment someone opens their eyes in this always new and incredible rich world.


The sailing boat is the most ecological transportation due to its ability to use  wind as fuel. Also, the minimalistic space teaches us a lot about how to avoid waste and reduce our needs to the basic.

We know how harmful the traditional housing and fuel can be to water and marine life. This gives us the opportunity to explore and observe water full time. 

Often we offer this experience to a wide range of people, as a reward for beach clean-ups and other actions that benefit water and the marine life or as  a way to fundraise our projects and initiatives.

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