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Raising funds is one of the greatest challenges when working as a non-profit organisation

All members of the organisation have jobs, freelancing projects or businesses. Part of their work is done especially to support the implementation of the educational concepts. Despite all the efforts we made some of the project are still at fundraising phase. Check below to see how you can support and what you get in return.



Donate $15 for our water awareness and protection projects and get this great cup. Replace thousands of single use cups and bottles. This cup is expandable, elegant, made of stainless steel, can be taken everywhere and doesn’t fill too much space.

Dimensions: 73x86x77 mm – 250 ml

FREE Delivery: 14 days

Get the Snorkeling Guide

Get ready for an amazing and safe underwater experience. Donate $10, download the Snorkeling Guide for Beginners and learn from our 10+ years of experience and avoid common mistakes beginners do when they start to explore the marine life for the first time.

Book a Stay on the Sailing Boat

Live on the water for a few days. Donate $68/ night, wake up in the morning and jump straight into the Mediterranean Sea. Feed the fish, observe an octopus or even a manta ray swimming calmly right under the boat, listen to sound of water and let yourself rocked by the boat.

Become a Member

Become a member of Barca lui Zoe Association. Donate $100 annual fee and you get to participate to our annual  meeting, special discounts to our activities and the chance to participate as an active volunteer in the projects we run all over the world.

We are committed to recommend only products and services delivered by sustainable companies.

Snorkeling Basic Equipment

This snorkeling basic equipment is all you need to explore the underwater world. We used it for 5 years in our projects and underwater explorations. We love it because it is lasts for a long time and it can be used for free diving as well. Therefore it generates less garbage.

Floating Device

It is highly recommended to have a dive body all the time. When this is not possible we choose to add to our basic equipment this floating device. It can be used as a diver signal and it can save lives.

Diving Flippers

Flippers are not a must but they are definitely extremely useful. They give you strength, speed and help you preserve your energy while diving. We strongly recommend you to have a proper pair with you wherever you choose to dive.

Swimming Suite

Definitely a must have in any water sport. Even if you use a diving suite, we recommend to wear a swimming suite that fits you perfectly and makes you feel comfortable. Make sure it’s made out a resistant material and with a classic design so you can use it for a long period of time and avoid waste.

Full Face Snorkeling Mask

It is trendy and it offers a larger view while exploring the marine environment. Still, free diving is not possible with it and we can’t control the air in and our as good as we do it with the classical one. Most of our beneficiaries love it.

Diving Costume

The body temperature can severely drop in the water. We use the diving costume to keep our bodies warm. It also serves as a protection layer from all types of injuries like accidentally hitting rocks/ corals or poisonous marine animals.

Aqua Shoes

Have you ever stepped on a sea urchin? We did, before deciding to wear aqua shoes and it’s… BAD. Avoid getting injured by having the aqua shoes at hand. They will save you a lot of trouble and even a visit to the hospital.

Beach Towel

We love this beach towel made out of microfibre. Even if it is very large (110×175 cm) it can be folded in a very small pack. Also it dries up super fast. Its colors are vibrant and sometimes we wear it as a beach dress.

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