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Sailing Boat Experience

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To live on a sailing boat is a completely different experience from all points of view

Everything is different on a small sailing boat. The door can be a window and you can use the window as a door. The space is small so you’ll have to organise yourself like never before. The boat is always moving together with the water, in all direction, including up and down. 

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The boat

The boat is 7,7 long and 2,5 m wide, manufactured in 1969. It has 1 double bed in the front cabin, an extendable couch in the cockpit and a single bed on the starboard. So 5 people can sleep on it, although the space might be a bit too small.

Cooking is possible. The boat  is equipped with a camping gas cooking machine, dishes, a pot, a pen, plastic glasses and lots of food and spices.  60 litres of fresh water is also available for washing the dishes, hands and teeth. We do not advise to drink water from the tank. 

The shower is a camping one, manually operated, set outside with 20 litres go fresh water. So there is no possibility of long showers.

The camping toilet has its own small cabin. 


If you like kayaking then you can kayak to the closest island for 30 minutes/ way or to the closes city for 1 hours/ way.

If you love marine life, like we do, you can jump from the boat and snorkel in the area where you can see plenty of fish, crabs, sea cucumbers, marine sponges, a few tiny corals, plenty of sea urchins and sea grass, octopus or even a ray. 

There is enough depth – 7 m – to have some free diving sessions if it’s one of your hobbies. 

You can bathe in the sun on the boat or on one of the many bigger or smaller beaches around.

You can paddle board among the boats in the gulf and train your equilibrium skills. You can also use the paddle board to do some stretching and even a more complex yoga session.

The neighborhood

On the south-eastern coast of the island, Puerto Portals is known to be the most beautiful and expensive harbour in Palma de Mallorca. It is 10 km away from the main city – Palma. 

There are plenty of restaurants, clubs, grocery shops in the area and in the city near by so don’t worry about the shopping options.

If you want to get entertained by caged marine animals (WE REALLY HOPE YOU DON’T) you can go to Marine Land which is right in front of the beach.

If you rent a car, depending on how much you want to walk, there are a few parking options: you can park in Puerto Portals parking – 1 EUR/ min., Marine Land parking – free for 2 h – no payment options so you’ll have to keep on taking a ticket every 2 hours or a free parking place 5 minutes walking.

Our Happy Guests!

"Sweet old little boat that rocks you to sleep at night, the location in the bay near the marina is fantastic and the feeling of freedom staying on a boat is hard to beat, especially when you can jump in to the ocean first thing in the morning and then share your breakfast with the fishes:) if you visit the posh seaside restaurants at the marina I really recomend the gnocchi at Cappuccino! And dont forget to enjoy the stars 😀 "
"I highly recommend this Airbnb for those who love water and camping! The boat was smaller than we thought but we could fit perfectly as we were only two ppl. We went there without any expectations but we found out it was what we needed! Chillin', sustainable resources and just switching off our phones to enjoy to the fullest! Raluca was kind and careful during our stay! thank you for showing us another way of living 😊 "
From the moment I booked the accommodation, Raluca was very attentive, ensuring I had all information required to find my way from the airport to the port. Raluca communicated well from the time I booked, to the time I landed in Mallorca and beyond that. At check in, Raluca collected me from the beach on a paddle board and we made our way out to the boat. Raluca explained how everything worked on the boat and gave...

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