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Our story starts way back, when we were unaware, just like most.

We are definitely addicted to water. Just like you and just like any living creature on this planet and in this Universe. But unlike most of the people, in 2018 we have made a commitment to PROTECT water with all our forces and resources. Since then the flow of water has taken us to unexpected situations, in front of thousands of people all over the globe so we can express in words that people can understand the importance of water in our lives and its need to be clean and clear.

We fought the fear of water and the fear of drowning until we discovered the underwater sports and the natural skill of floating. Since then we have explored hundreds of kilometres of water both wide and deep. Not only that but we helped hundreds of people to overcome their fear of water by teaching them how to float.

The more we try to understand water the mysterious it becomes. But one fact is certain: each one of us is 70% water. So taking care of water means taking care of us.

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