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Educational Concepts

We create educational concepts for people all around the globe focused on the importance of water protection and zero waste lifestyle

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Zero Waste în Săptămâna Verde

An educational concept which focuses on spreading awareness about a zero waste lifestyle among teenagers from high schools in Alba Iulia, Romania. The pupils will learn about the principles of zero waste, why it’s important to adopt this lifestyle, what are the benefits for individuals and for the environment.


A project developed together with Decathlon Romania where people who brought a bag of garbage to our premises received a free underwater experience – snorkeling or scuba diving.

People served: 700+

Location: Romania

2019 - 2020

An educational concept where pupils aged 7 to 17 from 5 cities from public and private schools in Romania learned  about means to protect water and met the underwater world through 3D images.

People served: 1000+

Location: Romania


An educational concept where people from public schools and community centres in Tanzania learned about ways to protect water, participated to clean-ups and learned to practice snorkeling in the Indian Ocean

People served: 1000+

Location: Tanzania

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